Your artwork needs to be sized to fit the layout template of the desired product.


Type/Font must be camera ready to size and positioned within the specified type limits as indicated on the template. Otherwise, copy may blur during actual production. Text should not be smaller than 12 point. Make narrow or serif type bold to prevent closing in when sublimated. Type must be converted to paths in Illustrator by selecting “create outlines”.


Once your art meets our specifications for optimal production, you may upload the file to your ftp site for our retrieval. Or, you may send us the artwork in one of the following file formats,... psd, ai, ind, eps, pdf, tiff, or hi-quality jpeg. When saving, be mindful not to optimize for web, as this will reduce resolution.





3 7/8"

Image Area


Type Limit





Opposite of Handle

Left Side (LHD)

Optical Center

Right Side (RHD)

Optical Center

3 3/4"

Image Area

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