When laying out your art on our templates, go through this checklist to achieve the best results:

  Sized to fit the art area of the template

  300 dpi minimum

  Important/highly detailed art placed within safety zone/text limits

(Text, logos, and intricate patterns may blur outside this area.)

  Text no smaller than 12pt for Sublimation and XD, and 8pt for Direct Screen

(If a narrow or serif font, make bold to prevent closing in when sublimated.)

  One of these formats: PSD, AI, EPS, INDD, PDF, TIF, or high quality JPG

  If using Illustrator, text must be converted to outlines

  Saved in a way that preserves a high resolution

(Not optimized for web.)

Once your art meets our specifications for optimal production, you may send us your file(s) or a link to your ftp site or cloud service.


Right Hand Drinker (RHD)

This is the side of the product that would face a right-handed drinker. For one-sided imprints, default position is RHD side unless otherwise directed.

Left Hand Drinker

This is the side of the product that would face a left-handed drinker.

Wrap Imprint

Direct Screen: Place art that will wrap around the product here. There will be a minimum .25" gap. This gap may be larger for larger products.

XD: Art will wrap a full 360 degrees around the product.

Want to include text in your XD imprint that is smaller than 12pt?


Optical Centers

The center on either side of your product.

Art Area

All art must be within this area.

Safety Zone/Text Limits

This is the safest area on your product for logos, text, and intricate patterns. We cannot guarantee that fine details of your art will remain clear outside of this area.

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